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Whether you are looking for a filtration and purification system or a water softener, the experts from Carlson Plumbing Inc can install one in your property. Our team in Winchester, VA, is dedicated to making sure you have clean, usable water at all times. No matter the system you are looking for, we can install it for you.

Water conditioning will clean up your water, regardless if you use well water from your property or municipal water from the town. Our team of water filtration specialists in Winchester, can answer your questions, consult to your needs and recommend the exact product that will work best for you. All groundwater begins with a collection of contaminants, and as it travels to the surface, it gathers more. Depending on what you use your water for, Carlson Plumbing Inc can advise upon what kind of system you will need and install it.

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Water Conditioning Systems

Removing impurities, contaminants, and chemicals from your water ensures that you have safe, usable water. The challenge is knowing what sort of system you need installed. With Carlson Plumbing Inc we will test and analyze your water, so we know the best option for you.

Water Filters

A water filter will reduce or remove impurities from your water. Many chemical compounds like chlorine, magnesium, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel and iron are effectively removed with a water filtration system. A water filtration system can target specific impurities found in your area as well.

Water Purifiers

Water purifiers do not remove chemicals from any water source. Unlike a water filter, a water purifier inhibits bacteria, algae, fungi, and viruses to flourish in water. Both water filters and purification systems are used in conjunction with each other.

Water Softeners

A water softener does not target impurities but instead, softens your water. There are minerals in water that cause scale buildup in your pipes, fixtures and appliances. A water softener will remove some of them, prolonging the life of your plumbing and appliances. Soft water is not necessarily safer to drink, and it is just free of some certain minerals.

Carlson Plumbers Water System Installations

Our service stands out from our competitors because of our fair business dealings. We want to ensure your family or employees have safe, clear and odor-free water to drink. We offer a complete line of water conditioner equipment from full systems to filters and salt. In Winchester, VA, we are the top-rated plumbers who specialize in water filters, purifiers and softeners. Contact us today for an evaluation or to learn more about our services. By phone we can be reached at 800-555-5565 or 540-459-4085. Our water treatment experts will provide a complete assessment as part of our service.

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